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Dear user,

It's ten years since launched, and we're so proud of all the happy subscribers worldwide who use our calendar every day. Since we launched back in 2012, we’ve seen many changes, especially in internet technologies and the possibilities they bring. So we decided it was about time we gave a big make-over!

A brand new tool

And this make-over resulted in a brand new tool: Bookingmood - created from scratch to give us way more possibilities like the new features users have asked for over the years. More info at

You can still use Bookingmood as a simple availability calendar, and it’s very affordable. We've put together different Plans so you can choose which functions you want to use. Learn more about Plans at

Some of the more advanced features (optional):

Dashboard optimized for mobile devices
1 and 2-way calendar syncing
Brand new widgets and responsive design
Highly customizable
Accept online bookings
Send confirmation messages

And we’ll be adding more features almost every month!

Switching to Bookingmood

We know you're used to and like the way it works. But trust us: once you've used Bookingmood, you won't want to go back. Loads of users have already migrated to enjoy all the benefits of Bookingmood. As a user of you’ll get a 25% discount on your first order by using the coupon code AVAILABILITY25 at the check-out!

Migrate your data with a few mouse clicks ✅

If you don't want to start adding bookings to Bookingmood manually from scratch, you can do a simple migration. We've created a step-by-step manual to show you how.

What will happen to will remain operational.


Any questions? If so, contact us right now!

Kind regards,

Adriaan, Lennart, & Wouter / Bookingmood

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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