Booking enquiries are only available in the Premium plan

Add an enquiry form to a widget

Go to Widgets
Open or create a widget
In the Configuration tab, check the Accept enquiries box

Save the changes and your guests can now make booking enquiries via this widget

Always directly show the enquiry form below a widget

Go to Widgets
Open or create a widget
In the Advanced tab, check the Always show enquiry form box

Save the changes and the enquiry form will now always directly show below the widget

Form builder

You can build your own enquiry form!

Go to Settings > Booking enquiries
Go to the Enquiry form section
Add, delete and re-order fields as you like!

Learn more about the form builder

Email notifications

All admins and super users of an organization will receive email notifications of new booking enquiries
You can disable email notifications for yourself under Profile > Notifications > Booking enquiries
You can choose whether the guests should also receive an email notification under Settings > Booking enquiries by (un)checking the box Send confirmation email to guest
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