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Booking forms

Plan availability: premium
Quick look: Settings > Booking forms

Build your own booking forms. Guests can fill out and submit these forms to make a booking.

Add or edit a booking form

Go to Settings > Booking forms
Open an existing form or create a new one.
Add, delete and re-order fields as you like!

Getting started

The Default booking form is added as an example form. You can use this form, or edit it as you like. You can also create a new form and delete the Default booking form.


AddressSingle-line text input field that is used for the Address field in Contacts
CheckboxCheckbox which can be checked, unchecked and contain a 💰 fees
EmailSingle-line email input field that is used for the Email field in Contacts
Long textMultiple-line text input field
Multiple choiceFor selecting options which can also contain 💰 fees
NameSingle-line text input field that is used for the Name field in Contacts
NumberField which only accepts a number
PhoneSingle-line text input field that is used for the Name field in Contacts
Short textSingle-line text input field
StatementShow a message or add a 💰 fee
TimeField which only accepts a time notation, e.g. 10:15

Prices and form fields

As shown in the table above, you can add prices to various form fields. A price can be:

Absolute price
Per night
Per night per guest
Per day
Per day per guest

A percentage

Fee examples

Please look at the examples very carefully.

Tourist tax per guest per night

Because a tourist tax doesn't need any user input we use a Statement field. Also make sure the Per day and Per guest options are selected.

Fixed end cleaning fee

A cleaning fee is usually a fixed fee that is added to the booking. So you can add it as Statement field. Make sure you do not select the Per day and Per guest.

Optional end cleaning fee

If the end cleaning is optional, you can add a Checkbox field for this, that can be checked or left unchecked. If checked, the fee will be applied to the booking.


If you offer various packages, options or additional things to top up your booking, you can use the Multiple-choice field to add them.


You can charge deposits. You can set a deposit amount per field (that contains a fee) and / or use a fixed deposit for the whole booking.

Deposit per field

When you add a field that contains a fee, you can set a deposit amount for that field as well. In the example below you see a field with a fee of € 150,00. The deposit for this field is set to € 50,00. This means when a guest chooses this option, a fee of € 200 is added.


If you want to charge VAT, GST, Sales tax or other taxes, you can set that up in Settings > Taxes. You can apply taxes to a field or the rent fee.

Tax per field

When you add a field that contains a fee, you can set the applied tax for that field as well. Open a field and add the Applicable tax.

Tax per rent

Open the booking form and click on Rent under Payment schedule. You can add the Tax there.

Payment schedule

You can set up all payment moments. Click on an item to set up the payment moment. When a guest does a booking, the guest will receive one invoice. All payment moments will be described on that single invoice. Note that the payment moments will only be seen once the invoice is generated. Before you generated the invoice, the total price will show on the Invoice tab.


Updated on: 15/05/2023

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