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Booking payments

Plan availability: premium
Quick look: Settings > Payments

You can let guests pay when they make a booking. It's very flexible. You can set-up your own payment schedule and choose between various payment methods. You can let the guest pay directly online or on arrival. Or a combination of both. The money that people pay to book your rental unit will be received by you directly. We are not in between and we don't charge any commissions.

The amount that a guest pays is based on three things:

The rates that you've configured for the rental.
The additional fees from the booking form.
The taxes that may apply.

Setting up the payment recipient

The first thing to do is setting up a payment recipient.

Go to Settings.
Click on Payments.
Click on + Payment recipient.


Internal nameThe name of the recipient, for internal use
Invoice detailsThe data that you want to be on the invoice by default, like a company name, address, VAT number
Payment methodYour preferred payment method
premium Booking formSelect the booking form that will be usef for this rental unit

Updated on: 07/03/2023

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