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Booking status page

Plan availability: premium
Quick look: Open a booking and click on the ↗ icon View booking status page

People who booked your rental unit will find all information regarding their booking on their personal Booking status page. When you've enabled payments, people can also find their invoices and pay online via this page. Curious how it looks? View an example.

People who book can get to their Booking status page in two ways:

They are redirected to their Booking status page after they submitted a booking. You can can set this up in the Widget configuration and in the Listing page configuration.
They click on a link in the emails they receive from you via Bookingmood.

Enable or disable the Booking status page

The Booking status page is automatically created for every booking. If you don't want to share this page with the people who made a booking:

Go to Settings > Emails and check off the Include link to booking status page in emails option.
Do not redirect to the Booking status page in the Widgets and Listing page after a booking is submitted.

Note that a link to the Booking status page will always be included in emails regarding payments. This is because the Booking status page contains the information regarding payments and related invoices.

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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