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Create a widget and embed it on your website

Plan availability: basic plus premium
Quick look: Channels

If you want to embed a calendar on your own website, you need to create a widget. You can create a widget under Channels. Creating widgets is free. We don't charge for widgets. You can create and use as many widgets as you like.

Create a widget

Click on Channels.
Click on + New widget

You will see a few widgets to choose from:

Calendar: Calendar of a single rental unit.
Timeline: Overview of multiple rental units. plus
Inventory: Calendar that shows the number of available rooms or spots that are left. plus
Search: Search bar that can be used to find and book available rentals. premium

Configuration tab

Configure the general settings of the widget.

Select the options that you want to apply to the widget that you are creating.
You can always go back to this tab to change the settings later.

Design tab

Configure the design, lay-out and other user interface related elements.

Some of the settings are only available in the Plus and Premium plan.
You can always go back to this tab to change the settings later.

Analytics tab

Here you can view statistics of your widget:

Views per day
Top countries
Top referers


Click on the Embed button.

On this page you will find the embed code you need to embed the widget on your own website.

Choose your desired layout.
Copy the embed code or the oEmbed link.
Paste the embed code into your website.

Embed tutorials

For almost every CMS and website builder, we created step-by-step tutorials to learn how to add a Bookingmood widget to your website.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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