Create a widget to embed one or more calendar on your website or share them using a hyperlink.

Create a widget

Go to Widgets
Click on + Widget

You will see a few options to choose from

Calendar: A single calendar of a rental
Overview: An overview that shows the calendars of multiple rentals
Inventory: A single calendar that shows the number of available rooms or spots that are left
Search & Book: A search bar that can be used to find and book available rentals

Get the embed code

Click on the tab Embed
Choose the desired lay-out
Click on the button Get the embed code OR copy the so called oEmbed link
Copy and paste the embed code into your website

Add the embed code to your website

Add the embed code in the HTML code of your website. This might sound complex, but it's very easy! We created step-by-step tutorials to learn how to add a Bookingmood widget to your website.

Go to the tutorials
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