You can export a calendar from Bookingmood to another website with an iCal (.ics) feed.

Export a calendar

Go to Settings > Rentals > Click on a rental > Synchronization
Choose what bookings the iCal feed should contain in the Calendar export section
This rental and all child rentals: This iCal feed contains all the bookings of the rental and its child rentals (if you rent a room within an accommodation, that room can be added as a child rental of that accommodation in Bookingmood)
This rental only: This iCal feed only contains the bookings of the rental itself
Copy the iCal feed and use it in the external website


How often is the iCal feed updated?
The iCal feed is always up to date. Once you add a booking in Bookingmood, the iCal feed of Bookingmood will be updated immediately.

I updated my Bookingmood calendar but the availability on the other website is not updated?
This means the other website has not refreshed its calendar yet. How often the other websites refreshes the calendar is up to them. Some websites refresh their calendars every hour, some once per day. It differs per website.


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