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Quick look: Export

You can export data from one or multiple calendars to a CSV (open in Excel) and JSON file.

Export calendar data in CSV or JSON

Go to your dashboard
Click on Export
Select one or multiple rentals that you want to include in the export
Select the Time period for the data export
Choose the included items
Click on Export data

Fields in the export
ReferenceThe reference of the booking
ProductThe name of the rental
TitleThe title of the booking
NotesThe notes of the booking
TypeThe type of the entry: Booking Blocked period Note
StartThe start of the entry
EndThe end of the entry
Created atThe date and time when the entry was created
StatusThe status of the entry: Confirmed Tentative Cancelled
OriginFrom where the entry was created
Created byThe member who created the entry
Number of guestsThe number of guests, if applicable
Form fieldsThe content of the submitted form fields

iCal feed

Do you want to export availability with an iCal feed? Read more!
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