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Google Calendar

Plan availability: plus premium
Quick look: Rental > Settings > Synchronization

You can sync your Google Calendar with Bookingmood. Both ways!

From Google Calendar to Bookingmood

Open your Google Calendar
Click on ⚙️ > Settings

On the left panel, under Settings for my calendars, click the name of the calendar

Scroll down and copy the link in the Secret address in iCal format section

Open a rental and go to Settings > Synchronization.
In the Imported calendars section, click on + External calendar.
Fill in the External calendar name, for example, 'Google Calendar'.
Enter the Calendar URL (iCal) that you've copied in step 4.
Click on Submit.

From Bookingmood to Google Calendar

Open a rental and go to Settings > Synchronization.
Go to the iCal export section.
Only include the events that make your rental unavailable.
Choose the options you want.
Copy the iCal feed below.
Open your Google Calendar.
Click on the + near Other calendars.

Click on From URL.

Paste the iCal feed that you copied in step 5.

Updated on: 04/11/2022

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