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Link rental units from Search, Timeline and Inventory widget to own web page (URL)

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Quick look: Channels > Widget > Configuration

You can link the rental units from the Search, Inventory and Timeline widget to specific web pages (URL's). This way, your website visitor can read more about the rental unit before, instead of directly starting the booking process.

Link to URL in widget

Go to Channels.
Open the widget.
At Interaction, select Link to URL.
Insert the URL per rental unit.

Manage the URL's per rental unit

You can also manage the URL per rental unit in the Settings of the rental unit. It doesn't matter where you insert or update the URL; it will be updated on both places (settings and widgets).

Go to Rental units.
Open a rental unit.
Go to Settings > Appearance.
Enter the website address under Website address (URL) of this rental unit on your own website.

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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