Pricing information is a feature of the Plus plan. Smart pricing is only available in the Premium plan.

Add prices to a rental

You can set the price per night or per day. This can be a total price, no matter the number of guests. But you can also set a price based on the number of guests. If you want to do this, make sure you've set the maximum number of guests under Settings > Rentals > Click on a rental > Availability.

Go to Settings > Rentals > Click on a rental > Pricing

You can add different prices for a certain period by clicking on the Split period

For example: if you want to increase the price to € 120 for July & August, just click on Split period_ and create a period from 1 July to 31 August

Add a smart pricing rule-set

Do you want to increase or decrease the price of your rental in certain cases, like a last-minute offer? Add a rule-set!

Prices in the enquiry form.

You can add more prices via the booking enquiry form. For example, charge $10 per night when people bring a dog. Or charge a tourist tax of 2% based on the total booking price. Learn everything about the form builder and prices on Form builder.
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