May 2022
The Settings page is redesigned to make things easier
Sehr schΓΆn! Bookingmood is now available in the πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ German language
plus Rental pricing is now way more advanced and flexible! Learn more.
plus Added the widget layout setting to display weekday abbreviations in the overview widget.

April 2022

You can now earn πŸ’° money with Bookingmood by referring clients! Learn more.
Booking notes can now be styled and URL's automatically become clickable hyperlinks.
premium You can now choose to always directly show the enquiry form below a widget.
premium Guests who submit an inquiry now receive a confirmation email about their enquiry.
premium Admins and superusers in an organization now receive email notifications of enquiries.
premium Visitors can now book via your public page.
You can now display all your rentals in one clear overview on the public page.
Renting out your rental β˜€οΈ per day instead of πŸŒ™ per night? You can choose now! Learn more.
It's now super easy to increase or decrease the number of guests with the new + and - buttons.
You can now easily transfer an existing booking to another rental.

March 2022

We've launched a WordPress plugin for Bookingmood. Now you can easily embed a widget of Bookingmood on your WordPress website. Learn how it works by reading our step-by-step manual.
Bookingmood now supports passwords as well. We started with passwordless logins (log in via an e-mail confirmation link), but now the choice is up to you.
The affiliate programm is now live and everyone can sign up here.
The website and dashboard is now available in πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Dutch!
The availability data on the calendar loads even faster now.
You can change the ordering of your rentals in various ways.
Launch of Bookingmood! πŸ₯³
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