Rule-sets are only available in the Premium plan

You can use rule-sets to let visitors only check-in and check-out on certain days (example of an availability rule-set), increase prices during certain periods (example of a pricing rule-set), and much more!

Types of rule-sets


Rent duration: The shortest and longest time-period that people are allowed to book
Time between booking and start of rent: Avoid short notice bookings or limit how far in advance people can book a date (highest limit is 730 nights, or 2 years)
Check-in and checkout days allowed on: Select the weekdays on which people are allowed to check in and check out
Cooldown time: Specify the time to reserve after a booking. For example to handle cleaning


Nightly price: Adjust the price per night by a fixed percentage
Long-rent price: Adjust your nightly price when guests rent for longer time periods
Early-bird price: Adjust your nightly price when people book further in advance
Last-minute price: Adjust your nightly price when the check-in date gets closer

How to apply rule-sets

You can apply rule-sets in 3 ways:

1. Default for an organization

This rule-set is applies to all rentals at all times.

Go to Settings > Rule-sets
Click on the dots next to the rule-set
Click on Set as default rule-set

2. Default for a rental

This rule-set applies to this rental at all times.

Go to Settings > Rentals > Click on a rental > Rules
Select the rule-set you want as default.

Rule-sets applied to a rental by default take precedence over rule-sets applied to an organization by default.

3. Time period for a rental

Go to Rentals > Click on a rental
Click on + Booking
Click on Rule-set application

Rule-sets applied to a rental for a specific time period take precedence over rule-sets applied to a rental by default.

How the price is calculated using rule-sets

When you've applied rule-sets to your rentals, your widgets will automatically show the adjusted availability and pricing.

If your rule-set includes multiple pricing rules, they’ll be applied in this order:

Long-stay price
Early-bird and last-minute price

For example, consider a rule-set with two rules:
Price: 110%
Early-bird price: 80% (when booked 30 or more nights before check-in)
Long-stay price: 90% (when renting for 7 or more nights)

Let this rule-set be applied to a rental with a base price of $100 per night.
This is how the price would be calculated:

Base nightly price of $100 times a nightly rate of 110% = $110
$110 times an early-bird price of 80% = $88
$88 times a long-stay price of 90% = $79,20

Using multiple rule-sets

It is possible to split your rules into multiple rule-sets and to apply multiple rule-sets on one rental on the same time interval.
If you do this, overlapping rules will be overruled by the rule-set that was applied last.

For example, consider the following rule-sets:

Rule-set A:
Minimum rent duration: 5 nights
Nightly rate: 110%

Rule-set B:
Minimum rent duration: 3 nights
Allows check-in on: Saturday

First rule-set A is applied, then rule-set B is applied on the same rental on the same days. Both rule-sets contain a rule for minimum rent duration. Therefore the minimum rent-duration of rule-set A is overruled by rule-set B.

Effectively, the following rules are applied:
Minimum rent duration: 3 nights
Nightly rate: 110%
Check-in allowed on: Saturday

Instruction videos

Availability rule-set example

Pricing rule-set example

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