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Syncing with iCal feeds

Plan availability: plus premium
Quick look: Rental > Settings > Synchronization

You can sync the availability of your rentals with other sites using iCal feeds. You can export the availability of your rentals from Bookingmood to other websites, but you can also import the availability of your rentals from other sites, like Airbnb or VRBO.

Import an iCal feed into Bookingmood

Click on Rental units
Click on a rental unit.
Click on Settings > Synchronization.
In the Imported calendars section, click on + External calendar.
Fill in the External calendar name, for example, 'Airbnb'.
Enter the Calendar URL (iCal).
Click on Submit.

Export an iCal feed from Bookingmood to an other website

Click on Rental units
Click on a rental unit.
Click on Settings > Synchronization.
Go to the iCal export section.
Only include the events that make your rental unavailable.
Choose the options you want.
Copy the iCal feed below.
Paste the iCal feed in the other website.



How often does Bookingmood update the iCal feed that I have imported?
Plus plan: Every 5 minutes.
Premium plan: Every 60 seconds.

I imported an iCal feed, but I don't see any bookings in Bookingmood?
Make sure your iCal feed that you import contains bookings.


How often is the exported iCal feed updated?
The iCal feed of Bookingmood is always up to date. Once you add a booking in Bookingmood, the iCal feed of Bookingmood will be updated immediately.

I updated my Bookingmood calendar but the availability on the other website is not updated?
This means the other website has not refreshed the iCal feed yet. How often the other websites refreshes the calendar is up to them. Some websites refresh their calendars every hour, some once per day. It differs per website.


Learn how to export calendars from other websites so you can import them into Bookingmood.

VRBO/HomeAway (export)
VRBO/HomeAway (import)

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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